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MS2 has used a wide variety of technologies including Bipolar, SiGe and ultra deep submicron CMOS from a number of foundries. 
We have extensive experience in the design of a broad range of Analog, Mixed Signal and RF ICs operating at frequencies from the low MHz to 10GHz. 

More details of our experience is posted here, but a summary of specific product areas we have experience in are listed here: 

WIRELINE COMMUNICATIONS  Transmitters, receivers, equalizers. 

WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS  Transmit and receive path functions. LNA and PA, Mixers and Modulators, Filters, and synthesizers. Narrow band radio and UWB. 

OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS  Transimpedance amplifiers, Laser Diode Drivers, SERDES. 

MASS STORAGE  Low noise preamps, Write drivers, Read channels, PLL's, Pulse Detectors, Integrated continuous filters, Servo Demodulators 

VIDEO  Wide band amplifiers, PLL's, A-D, D-A, Sync separators